Welcome to Positivity Geek!

The home of celebrating all the geeky things that make you happy, because life is too short to hide who you really are.

Do you ever feel like it’s hard to find others like you, who get pleasure from things that others roll their eyes at? Are you an introvert who would rather curl up with your notebook/Kindle/game console and escape to your own world, than do the stuff you think you should do?

Do you get immense joy out of things like buying new stationery, finishing a book you were simply unable to put down, relishing in your favourite video games, TV shows, or movies?

Me too. That’s why I created Positivity Geek.

Here, you’ll find posts about the things you find interesting. The stuff that gives you that fluttery feeling in your heart because it makes you happy!

That might look like a travel guide to a gaming event, free printable journals, recipes for a perfect Hygge evening, a spotlight on a new cute game, or anything else that’s in between.

About Francesca

Hello! I’m a freelance writer and have been working for myself since 2011. I make membership content, write for publications, and coach new freelancers 😀

I’m an INFJ-T HSP empath – that basically means I’m a person with the personality of a standoffish cat that, at first, seems moody and has resting bitch face, but really has a ton of love to share with the right people.

Positivity Geek came about because I wanted a place to share everything I enjoy with other people just like me. I didn’t want it to be yet another work-related website (that’s quite tricky when you’re self-employed, you feel drawn to make everything about work) but rather a sanctuary for other geeky introverts to get a bit of happiness in their lives 😀

As you navigate the blog, you’ll find out more about my interests. They typically include playing video games with a great story or cute graphics, drawing, writing (obviously), reading fantasy or thriller fiction, crocheting and sewing, stationery in all its forms, all kinds of music (synthwave and post-hardcore are my main faves right now) and sitting in the garden next to an open fire to unwind.

I’m so happy you’re here 😄