Aesthetic Melody Review

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Created by Adam DeLease with a deliciously lo-fi vaporwave soundtrack by Kirk Markarian, this is a 2D platformer that oozes retro style.

Right now on Steam, you can buy the game and soundtrack in a bundle called the digital deluxe edition at 40% off! To be honest though, at a couple of pennies shy of four quid at full price, it’s worth grabbing a copy anyway!

When we load up the game, our monitor transforms into an old CRT screen and this just amps up the retro vibe, especially with the muted colour scheme. You can change the effect in your options, turning it off if you wish, or one of the other retro effects, though it’s a little confusing as to how the settings work because sometimes they don’t do anything.

Maybe this is intentional – recreating the good old days of banging the top of your TV set with your fist to get it working?

The idea of this game is to move your little guy (I like to think this is Steve Harrington from Stranger Things because it looks a little like him) through the level to grab the TV remotes.

You’ll need to dodge the spinning blades, cannons, and other obstacles as you advance through the levels. This game has a twist though, because it abandons the traditional left right up down jump mechanics in favour of a gravity defying jump.

Your controls are the arrows and space bar – you’ll need space to change the direction of gravity, and the arrows move you along the platforms and through the air.

Once you’ve grabbed the TV remotes, you’ll see the fat back telly in the level suddenly switch on – this means it’s ready! Navigate your way back to it, and jump in – you’ll load the next level.

It seems like a simple concept, doesn’t it?

Wait until you have to try and figure out how to get one last remote control and walk into a blade for the hundredth time 😉

Ordinarily, this kind of game would make me rage, but the soothing synths and low-res backdrop somehow keep me playing!

Later on in the game, you unlock new obstacles and a brand new character, which I feel is enough to keep it interesting.

Maybe on first glance this game appears to be your generic platformer, but for me this is an experience as a well as a puzzle. Despite the levels boiling my blood at times (in a good way) as a huge fan of synthwave, retro 80s styling, and platformers in general, I think this is well worth the few quid. Plus the music is truly addictive.

It’s a light-hearted, fun, and at times rage-inducing platformer with a beautiful aesthetic.

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