Don’t have time to meditate? Try these 3 things instead

Taking time to meditate can be wonderful for your mental and emotional wellbeing. The trouble is finding the time to set aside to actually do it! We have the tendency to prioritise other things, even if we don’t realise we’re doing it. Do you assume that meditating involves hours of your time sitting in yoga positions, burning tons of incense, and learning where the hell your chakras are? Or you’d rather procrastinate over the washing up, those overflowing cupboards that you swore you’d get round to, or it’s easier to sit on the sofa and binge watch Netflix after work. Continue Reading

10 Best Free Guided Meditation Videos on YouTube

When you’re feeling cranky, anxious, or simply can’t sleep, there’s nothing better than meditation to calm your mind and get you thinking straight again. If you’ve never given meditation the time of day because you think it requires a ton of preparation, knowing where your chakras are, or burning a ton of candles, then you’re missing out! Meditation is a pretty adventurous time for my brain personally because I always go on a bit of a journey, but even if you don’t have an overactive imagination, meditating, especially using guided meditation, can do wonders for your stress levels. Even if Continue Reading

My PS4 Made Me Happier With Gaming and With Life, Too

Hurtling towards the tarmac with only a fine thread to support me, I shoot back into the sky as quickly as I’d fallen. I spent every night last week as Peter Parker, after months, maybe even years, of a console gaming drought. Since I bought my gaming PC almost two years ago, I don’t think I have spent any considerable amount of time on the sofa with either a PlayStation or XBox controller in my hand – probably because I got swept up in the whole ‘PCs are better for gaming’ argument, and clearly I have a bad habit of Continue Reading

The Magic of KANO’s Harry Potter Coding Kit

When my in-laws visited Harry Potter World recently for my mum-in-law’s birthday, I could barely contain my jealousy. Although I’m a bigger fan of the books than the films, I still find them magical and will never pass up the opportunity to get swept up in the magic of the movies, if one happens to be on TV. I’ve deliberately avoided our family WhatsApp group so that the photos and videos of their day didn’t spoil it for me. As I sit here writing this, I’ve been excitedly dreaming up with my husband that when we go (which will be Continue Reading

Can Yoga Help Prevent Tech Neck?

I’m not one for setting hard and fast fitness goals but I do need to get off my arse and do more active stuff. Every time I peel myself away from my desk, my sore back and throbbing legs remind me that I’ve, yet again, sat for way too long without actually doing anything physical apart from tap keys and pick up my phone every so often to check Pokemon Go. So when I was invited at short notice to go to a yoga class yesterday, I couldn’t really pass up the chance – maybe it was nature’s way of Continue Reading

The Banned Sex Toy at CES 2019: My Thoughts

You may have heard that this week, at CES 2019, a sex toy was banned from being exhibited. In fact, I didn’t even KNOW about the brand until I read about this story. Which is a pretty hilarious and probably unexpected result for CES, considering it has given Lora DiCarlo far more publicity than they could have gleaned from the event itself. Less than pleasurable The Lora DiCarlo team were not only told that they wouldn‘t be able to showcase their innovative Osé Robotic Massager, but that their CES Robotics Innovation Award they won for it was stripped from them, Continue Reading

Positive Communities in Games Development

Recently, I attended GameAnglia, the East of England’s biggest game development conference. I was delighted that I got to experience the gaming scene closer to home, with several industry legends like Bill Roper and Rami Ismail joining to present talks. The theme was ‘community’ – having had a career focused on fostering communities online for the past seven years – and being an avid gaming enthusiast both personally and professionally – this was the perfect topic of discussion for me. It was genuinely interesting and mind-broadening to have so many folks from all walks of the gaming industry life explaining Continue Reading

Gamescom 2018: What I Loved and Hated

What a week Gamescom was! As I write this, I’m recovering from exhaustion. And by recovering, I mean I’m hurriedly catching up on all the work I couldn’t do whilst I was there, cramming chocolate in my mouth for energy. To say I was under-prepared for Gamescom is, well, an understatement. I have been to one other gaming event which was the PUBG invitational in Katowice, Poland, which included an exhibition, but that didn’t even remotely compare to the scale of Gamescom. It’s too difficult to explain just how big the place is. This photo doesn’t give it justice. Here Continue Reading

Nervous About Attending Your First Big Gaming Event? Here’s What To Do

I hate admitting I’m a shy person because, for the most part, I’m not one. Not in front of a camera, or with one or two people I’m familiar with, at least. But going to a HUGE event like IEM Katowice or Gamescom? That’s another story. Want to listen instead? Thousands of people gathering in one place, the hustle and bustle and excitement of cosplayers, other visitors, exhibitors, and press kind of gives me anxiety just thinking about it. But if you’re like me, you don’t want your introverted nature or anxiety to get in the way of experiencing something Continue Reading

Staying Healthy for Indoorsy Types

Do you spend 90% of your day at your desk like I do? It’s hard to get in exercise when you’re like this, trust me. I’ve been working from home for nearly seven years, plus I love gaming and doing things centred around my PC. This usually means I’m within arm’s reach of the fridge, plus I get lost in whatever activity I happen to be doing – usually designing, gaming, or writing, so I forget that there is an outside world after all. As much as I would never go back to a ‘traditional’ job, and you’d have to Continue Reading