eBooks or Paper Books: Which are More Enjoyable to Read?

There are few things in life that make me stop and appreciate the present moment than buying a new paper book. Leafing through and smelling the pages (only if they’re covered in mildew, mind), it’s like time stops when I go rummaging round a bookshop. When I say a ‘new’ book, usually I mean a dog-eared paperback from a charity shop or library sale as I rarely buy a brand new book (unless The Works have a cheeky sale on). But since 2014, I’ve owned a Kindle Paperwhite, and have dozens of titles in my Kindle Library – as well Continue Reading

HP 11.6 inch 4GB Chromebook: A Writer’s Review

As much as I love my gaming PC, I needed a device that’s lightweight, not too expensive, and does everything I need it to do as a writer. After I went to Gamescom this year and my old Lenovo laptop was wheezing its last breath (even after I switched it from Windows to Ubuntu), I figured that I needed to upgrade. I’d considered another Windows laptop, but I feel like you don’t really get much for your money unless you’re willing to spend a heap, but even then, I only really needed it for on-the-go writing and web research. With Continue Reading

10 Cute Geeky Stationery Sellers on Etsy

Shopping online for stationery is akin to falling down a YouTube rabbit hole. I start out with all good intentions, telling myself I’ll only look at one cute thing I’ve seen; then four hours later my eyes are bloodshot from scrolling my screen with no idea what day it is. My love affair with stationery My love affair with all things pen and notebook go way back. One of my fondest memories is walking around Woolworths with my Mum (OMG, the nineties!) pleading with her to get me a Forever Friends diary and notebook set, each with its own LOCKABLE Continue Reading