The Magic of KANO’s Harry Potter Coding Kit

When my in-laws visited Harry Potter World recently for my mum-in-law’s birthday, I could barely contain my jealousy. Although I’m a bigger fan of the books than the films, I still find them magical and will never pass up the opportunity to get swept up in the magic of the movies, if one happens to be on TV. I’ve deliberately avoided our family WhatsApp group so that the photos and videos of their day didn’t spoil it for me. As I sit here writing this, I’ve been excitedly dreaming up with my husband that when we go (which will be Continue Reading

Can Yoga Help Prevent Tech Neck?

I’m not one for setting hard and fast fitness goals but I do need to get off my arse and do more active stuff. Every time I peel myself away from my desk, my sore back and throbbing legs remind me that I’ve, yet again, sat for way too long without actually doing anything physical apart from tap keys and pick up my phone every so often to check Pokemon Go. So when I was invited at short notice to go to a yoga class yesterday, I couldn’t really pass up the chance – maybe it was nature’s way of Continue Reading

The Banned Sex Toy at CES 2019: My Thoughts

You may have heard that this week, at CES 2019, a sex toy was banned from being exhibited. In fact, I didn’t even KNOW about the brand until I read about this story. Which is a pretty hilarious and probably unexpected result for CES, considering it has given Lora DiCarlo far more publicity than they could have gleaned from the event itself. Less than pleasurable The Lora DiCarlo team were not only told that they wouldn‘t be able to showcase their innovative Osé Robotic Massager, but that their CES Robotics Innovation Award they won for it was stripped from them, Continue Reading

HP 11.6 inch 4GB Chromebook: A Writer’s Review

As much as I love my gaming PC, I needed a device that’s lightweight, not too expensive, and does everything I need it to do as a writer. After I went to Gamescom this year and my old Lenovo laptop was wheezing its last breath (even after I switched it from Windows to Ubuntu), I figured that I needed to upgrade. I’d considered another Windows laptop, but I feel like you don’t really get much for your money unless you’re willing to spend a heap, but even then, I only really needed it for on-the-go writing and web research. With Continue Reading

Easy Beginner’s Guide to installing Retropie on Raspberry Pi 3

I got the idea of setting up my own games console when my sister-in-law brought round her SNES mini; as a lover of classic games but not having space (or patience to set up) lots of old consoles, I had almost bought one of these when everyone was going crazy for them. It was obviously a blessing in disguise when I wasn’t able to afford one at the time because what the £79 bit of kit had to offer was sorely disappointing – definitely not worth the wait. Sure there were a few games that were fun (Street Fighter! Mario Continue Reading

How To Deal with Toxic People Online

We humans are such weird creatures, aren’t we? We say things we don’t mean and laugh at things we don’t find funny to fit in social situations. We say we’ll make plans with someone we never intend on meeting up with again. Lots of social customs are part of our culture and the way we get acceptance from others, and that’s okay – it’s to be expected for the most part (and as a people-watcher I find it amusing to witness). It’s ingrained into our species that we do certain rituals and behaviours to be part of society and community Continue Reading