5 Simple Steps to Take Your Living Space from Crappy to Cozy

Working and living in the same space can get a bit stir crazy. As an introvert with solo pursuits like playing video games, writing, and crafting, I spent a lot of time at home – when I’m not out on my kick scooter, that is (yes I’m a cool kid) 😉 For ages, I never felt relaxed at home. I thought perhaps I didn’t like my job or didn’t like working from home anymore. I also rent, so I can’t make big changes to my house like knocking down walls when I get bored (probably a good thing, on reflection). As Continue Reading

How To Deal with Toxic People Online

We humans are such weird creatures, aren’t we? We say things we don’t mean and laugh at things we don’t find funny to fit in social situations. We say we’ll make plans with someone we never intend on meeting up with again. Lots of social customs are part of our culture and the way we get acceptance from others, and that’s okay – it’s to be expected for the most part (and as a people-watcher I find it amusing to witness). It’s ingrained into our species that we do certain rituals and behaviours to be part of society and community Continue Reading